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Vida Garman
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Park Lane - No.61 (Yr?) Model: Vida Garman Vida Garman
Appearing as: Vida Garman
In: Park Lane
Year: Yr?
Issue: No.61
See Page(s): 42-47 and 57-61
Photos: 22
Location: Set 1 - In and around a swimming pool
Set 2 - Studio - Diaphanous drapes and rug
Wearing: Set 1 - Swimsuit, t-shirt
Set 2 - Jacket, skirt, bra, panties, stilettos, stockings and suspenders
Pubic Style: Set 1 - Natural above, shaven below
Set 2 - Landing strip above, shaven below
Mix: Set 1 - Girl-Girl-Girl-Girl-Girl-Girl
Set 2 - Girl-Girl
Comments: Set 1 - Appearing with Liza Renzi, Kathryn Shannon and 4 other unnamed models

Set 1 - Appearing with Stacey Owens

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