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V080 (1994)
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Model / Title:  Cora
Age:  -  
Vital Statistics:  -- / - / -
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Video Details  
Fiona Cooper ID:  V080 Style:  Classic-Style
Year Released:  1994
Other IDs:  -     
    Definitions of Content Types
Solo / Multi / Both:  Both Includes scenes with: 1 girl / More than 1 / A combination of the 2
Shiny & Slippery?  Y Includes use of lotion, oil, soap, water and other liquids
Finger Fun?  - Masturbation with fingers in her pussy
Dildo Delight?  ? Masturbation with any other object in her pussy
 Bum Fun with Fingers?  - Masturbation with fingers up her bum
 Bum Fun with Dildos?  - Masturbation with any other object up her bum
Wet Girl?  - Having a wee-ly good time
Fun with a Friend?  - A guy is included in at least 1 scene - Degree of involvement varies
Other: Y Details will appear below if additional information is available
From 1994, The Fiona Cooper Three Hour Specials catalogue:
CORA, including Lucia & Paula this video features material both old & new of this stunning girl. Cora has perfect firm boobs (which are not plastic) and a superb figure! Lots of super sexy outfits & scenes . . . just for you!

Includes scenes from Cora 1(V373), Cora 2(V437) and Cora & Lucia(V915), and a scene with Paula(V900 or V304?)

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