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Fiona Cooper have been producing and selling glamour photos and videos for over 30 years.  Much of their back-catalogue is available on DVD and Video-On-Demand from the Fiona Cooper website.  For many years the FC motto was "Sexy Videos, Not Sex Videos" and this is also the philosophy of Beautiful British Babes.
Fiona Cooper World aims to list every video and DVD released. The site has been compiled using old Fiona Cooper catalogues. The database records the model's name (or the title of the video), age and vital statistics (if known), as well as the Fiona Cooper ID, release date and also gives an indication of the content.  With the exception of compilations, if more than one model appears on a video or DVD then each has a separate entry on the database.
Where a video was re-released, a separate entry has been made on the database giving the new release date.  The content of the videos was often re-mixed before it was re-released.  An ID was sometimes re-used for a completely different video; these and the re-releases are indicated with an asterisk(*). The videos were released in series with different prefixes.  The listings on this site are split into sections that mostly follow the FC series, with the exception of DVD (split into 3), Pre-V (includes all the early videos) and Extras (videos that don't fit into the other sections).
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Wendy Cooper as Carly
Fiona Cooper Catalogue - Autumn & Winter 1988
Fiona Cooper Catalogue - 30th Anniversary 2008
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